About ricotta cheese

About ricotta cheese Ricotta is an Italian fresh unripened cheese that is made from pasteurized cheese whey and which is similar to traditional Estonian curd cheese. At first glance it seems like curd, but actually it is cheese. Sometimes it may happen that while travelling in Europe, you have an irresistible craving for the homely curd. After much searching and explanation you will eventually be offered ricotta. It does seem like curd, but once you taste it, the distinction is obvious. Ricotta is peculiar. The greatest taste difference between ricotta and curd is the acidity. Most curd is made from fermented milk and is always more or less acidic. Ricotta, on the other hand, is completely bland or sometimes slightly sweet. In addition, the texture of ricotta is also grainier, slightly drier and fattier than curd.

The texts have been compiled in cooperation with PhD Margus Friedenthal and magazine Oma Maitse!