Ricotta is quite a flexible ingredient and our local ricotta can easily be used when preparing salads, pastas and cakes. Salty or sweet? Purely up to You. Also, if one happens to be short on time, he/she can always get by, by simply adding sour cream and salt.

Ricotta can be added to cold or hot dishes like lasagne, cannelloni-pasta filling or strew into pasta sauces, grainy ricotta goes perfectly in various salads.
In basic cakes You can also replace quark with ricotta - they both act pretty much the same but ricotta stays creamier after baking. Ricotta can also be used to make ice-cream and Italian dessert semifreddo.

Here You will find a selection of recipes compiled by food-blogger Kristel Vokk. The only thing is that all recipes are in Estonian.. Maybe a translator will help.